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Your Sustainable Energy System Partner

About us

Your sustainable Energy Systems Partner

Headquartered in London and backed by an international family office with over 15 years of experience developing renewable energy assets, Elements Green has rapidly established a global footprint and a strong reputation for being at the very forefront of technological and commercial evolution within the renewable energy sector.

Since our inception, we have actively developed, constructed and either continue to manage, or have handed-over to our commercial partners, in excess of 2500MW of projects globally. We have an established track-record across three continents, Europe, Asia and Australasia and we are continuing to grow our business locally and globally.

Our dynamic and flexible team of renewable energy experts is backed by a global network of specialist partners, allowing Elements Green to provide in-depth analysis of a potential renewable energy project and the seamless development, funding and implementation of the full project lifecycle.

Projects3482 MW

In Development2900 MW

Under Management582 MW

How we work


If you have at least 50 acres of land that you think might be suitable for a renewable project, please get in touch with us. Subject to feasibility, we would propose renting your land to develop a solar PV farm and/or Energy Storage site over a term of 30 years, with substantial rent payments per acre, paid on a quarterly, in-advance basis.

After an initial, no-obligation assessment of viability, if the site is suitable, we will prepare a detailed proposal that covers every aspect of the development. We will survey the site, obtain and draw up necessary permissions and plans and take full responsibility for creating a profitable project plan. Our team of world-renowned experts will handle all aspects of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC).

Even before construction has been completed we will have been working with our partners to create a long term operations & management (O&M) plan that covers every aspect of the on-going operation, safety, efficiency and viability of the project.

Because we know every project is individual, our approach is always flexible, personal to your circumstances and transparent. Our extensive experience in the construction of solar farms is your guarantee of the robustness of our planning and the reliability of our implementation

Track Record


Development Pipeline

Country Capacity MWp Status
UK 3,776 In development with land and grid in progress
Australia 600 Restructuring to increase capacity and add BESS
Germany 480 Local office stablished – in process of securing pipeline
Romania 440 Country Head leading development
Poland 330 Country Head leading development
Italy 300 Local team in place- various stages of development
Hungary 200 Country Head leading development
Croatia 165 Country Head leading development
Greece 150 Country Head leading development

EPC Management Services


At Elements Green we provide a complete engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) management service, covering every step in the process of developing your project, from initial documentation to a carefully managed construction programme.

The outcome is the total coordination of a tightly controlled, turn-key project, delivered at the right price, in the right way, on-time and generating a guaranteed energy output.
EPC contracts are by their very nature, multi-facetted and can be very complex, which is why our experience in many different markets and environments and our established network of proven technical partners, are so important.

There are three key aspects that make up the perfect EPC plan Planning (and all the associated documentation and authorities), Project Management and oversight and the negotiation and management of appropriate Project Finance. Elements Green has the resources, experience and commitment to deliver the service you require in all three areas.

Our services include all of the following:

Documentation and Planning

  • Identification, evaluation and selection
    of suitable renewable energy sites
  • Selection and recommendation of class-leading and
    reliable suppliers for everything from components
    and technology to construction
  • Commissioning and performance testing

Project Management

  • An integrated, end-to-end professional
    project management service
  • Site management and project control
  • Safety management and associated documentation

Project Finance

  • Providing support and advice for project finance planning
  • Identification and liaison with suitable funding partners,
    financial institutions and potential co-investors
  • Designing innovative, fit for purpose financial solutions



Our Asset Management service covers every aspect of the safe and efficient, day-to-day running of your solar or wind project.

Our Asset Management team of commercial and financial experts are continually optimising Investor returns dealing with everything from revenue management, loan compliance, Insurance management. warranty management right through to accounting and financial management.

Our Operations and Maintenance (O&M) team of sustainable energy experts are the ‘on-the-ground’ resource that you can rely on to deal with everything from day-to-day operation, regular inspection, analysis and maintenance, right through to rapid response if there is an unplanned outage or energy supply disruption of any kind.

Top quality asset management support is critical to the success of your project. It is essential to not only protect the value and operational efficiency of your energy generation resource but to give you the peace of mind that you are fully resourced whatever situation arises.

Our services include all of the following:


Our on-site project team monitor, record and report live output data to inform the assessment of day-to-day and long-term installation performance, including the monitoring of all historical operating data in order to guarantee the best possible performance for each respective unit


Monthly cost/variance analysis is a key control tool for each project. To protect projected annual project performance, Elements Green uses sophisticated tools to compare on-going economic performance against the project budget to help identify and eliminate negative developments quickly and efficiently

Permit & License

Elements Green negotiates, obtains and maintains all necessary permissions, wayleaves and licences. Our team ensures permits and licences are always kept up-to-date, to ensure safe, legal on-going power generation and distribution from your site

Health & Safety

In our capacity as asset manager, on-site health & safety is of paramount importance to us. Our employees are thoroughly trained accordingly, not only in order to meet legal requirements, but also to play an active role in maintaining and enhancing project safety

Operation & Maintenance

One of our key O&M functions is to ensure that all work conducted at your plant is to the required standards and is completed on time and to budget. We supervise all plant operations, as well manage any necessary plant shutdowns and restarts. We also monitor and check the quality of maintenance and repair work, safety checks and the reliability of expert reports compiled by the various contractual partners


Maintaining the critical infra-structure necessary to connect your power facility to the grid is an essential part of our service. We look after any installed substation and take care of all your local supply network connections. To ensure your income and operational budget is met or exceeded, any unforeseen interruption to supply caused by damage to lines or equipment is identified and fixed on a priority basis


We offer a comprehensive monthly reporting package so that landowners, investors and operators are always clear about the status of the plant and aware of any malfunctions, repairs or maintenance expenditure. In addition, as part of the technical analysis, project managers discuss re-powering measures with the investors

Legal & Claim

Effective legal and claim management is a very important part of an investment in a wind or solar installation. Rights, have to be protected and enforced, whether ensuring real-estate easements, warranty claims as part of material defects, or initiating proceedings for the preservation of evidence


With this kind of investment, document management is often one of the most neglected areas. However, Elements Green regards it as an essential area that, if nothing else, guarantees projects retain their value in the event of possible dis-investment. For this reason, we have developed our own, unique ‘Elements Green Documentation Standard’, that can be used to analyse the documentation status and to maintain uniform standards and structure

Plant Availability

In order to maximise project profitability, we work is to keep operational downtime to an absolute minimum. When a necessary maintenance shutdowns is required, our on-the-ground team use local and global weather forecasting to schedule for low-production times to minimize losses. Every single shutdown is documented, analysed and where appropriate, manufacture warranty claims are initiated


Our performance and project management team prepare detailed annual cost and performance budgets that incorporate both historic and projected project data, benchmarked against the best available data in the local and global market

Power Purchase


With a rapidly maturing commercial marketplace and ever more evidence of the importance and value of renewable energy sources, there has been a move away from Govt subsidies, such as feed-in tariffs and premiums. But renewable energy projects often still need to raise significant capital from financial institutions and investors, who demand security for their loan or share participation.

A long-term (usually between 10 and 20 years) Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), is a contractual agreement, negotiated between you the generator and the energy buyer or off-taker, to deliver a certain amount of solar or wind energy in future at an agreed price. The PPA provides the security of income generation that you and your investors need. But it needs to be carefully calibrated to the deliverable output and potential of your project.

Elements Green will be with you on every step of your PPA negotiation journey. We have the experience and the status to make sure that you get the right deal for your site. Not just for now but into the future.

We liaise with potential energy buyers, benchmark and forecast global energy supply prices and negotiate the protections and energy delivery supply guarantees that are appropriate for your specific project. We help you manage supply and finance risks, provide a complete legal framework for the agreement and the accounting systems that mean you and your investors can be confident of the returns that have been forecast.



Unlike often fluctuating farmgate prices, renewable energy projects create a stable, index-linked income, paid over 30 to 40 years, at no cost to the landowner. We work with hundreds of farmers and landowners, providing them with quarterly rents at substantially-higher rates than are usually achieved through traditional farming activities.

We encourage the continued grazing of livestock such as sheep or chickens beneath our solar arrays and design biodiversity improvements into our projects to encourage wildlife.


We want to hear from you if you have around 50 acres of land in a reasonably flat, well-screened area away from significant visual receptors such as towns. We typically look for lower grade agricultural land outside of greenbelt, AONB, SSSI and National Park locations


As your partner in a renewable project we undertake to ensure, at our cost, that we achieve a commercial agreement, planning consent and a financially-viable grid connection on your land


We will firstly screen the proposed site for potential legal or planning constraints, then proceed through all required planning studies and examinations, community consultations and council meetings with the local authority, in order to deliver planning consent on the land


At the very outset, our experts will thoroughly investigate the potential to connect your project into the local grid network or National Grid network. Once outline viability is ascertained, we negotiate the grid connection agreement and undertake all stages of the grid connection journey, from the ordering of transformers and switchgear, through to final solar farm switch-on and compliant commissioning


We will arrange the long-term lease deal with you on the land, working with your lawyer and land agent to arrive at a mutually-acceptable agreement. We shall pay for your legal and professional representation. We finance, develop, construct and maintain the asset and as an institutional investor, the project will normally remain in our ownership financed from our own balance sheet.


If you have what you think might be a suitable site for the construction of a renewable project we want to hear from you. There is no obligation to proceed and often an initial conversation will help you understand the potential of your site and make a better decision about whether or not to proceed

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